Angelina Jolie to visit Australia again. But not for a film.

Angelina Jolie.




Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie has been invited to visit Nauru, the site of a controversial Australian asylum seeker processing centre.

Jolie, who is alsSpecial Envoy for the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR),  has reportedly received a direct invitation from the Nauruan president Baron Waqa to visit the centre.

Pedestrian reports that Waqa extended the invitation at last month’s Global Summit to End Sexual Violence Against Women in Conflict, for which Jolie gave the opening speech.

Nauru’s government says the visit would be an opportunity for Jolie to discuss the impact of violence in times of conflict on refugees and asylum seekers, the ABC reports.

The Nauruan government also said in a statement the visit will be a wonderful opportunity to showcase the facilities for refugees in Nauru.

It claims the facilities are of the highest standard, although the UN Refugee Agency has described the conditions inside the centre as “rat-infested, cramped, and very hot.”

The agency has raised particular concerns about the living conditions for asylum seeker children on Nauru, with the the UNHCR’s Richard Towle in January describing suggestions that unaccompanied children be transferred there as “deeply concerning,” the ABC reports.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says Angelina’s visit is a matter ‘for the Nauruan government.”


“I’ll leave that to my colleagues in Nauru,” he added.

Jolie has already visited Syrian refugees in Jordan’s Za’atri camp, as well as camps along the Thai-Myanmar border, as UNHCR special envoy.

Jolie is reportedly booked out until the end of the year, and has not confirmed that she will accept the invitation.