Andy Murray proposes to his girlfriend of nine years.


It’s love-all for tennis superstar Andy Murray (that was a tennis pun, geddit? Geddit?).

The Scottish tennis champ proposed to his girlfriend of nine years, the extremely gorgeous Kim Sears, during a trip to the Philippines last week.

Andy MurrayAndy Murray and Kim Sears. Photo: Getty Images.



Andy, 27, and Kim, 26, met at the 2005 U.S Open, through Kim’s father Nigel Sears, a former player and coach. They’ve been pretty much hand-in-hand ever since (depsite a brief break in 2010). Andy and Kim own a six-bedroom home in Oxshott, Surrey.

We don’t want to be presumptive but we reckon it probably has a tennis court, and several bedrooms filled with tennis trophies and racquets.

Andy and a rather large trophy, Tokyo 2011.


Kim is an English Literature graduate and artist, and spends much of her time supporting Andy from the sidelines. Andy said in a past interview, “It has been good because her dad is a tennis coach and he still travels on the tour. She understands the sport well and is used to being away from her dad from a young age. She understands that sort of distant relationship, and yes it works well.”

Andy has won Wimbledon, the US Open, the 2012 Olympic games, and has been the runner-up in three Australian Opens. Again, we don’t want to be presumptive… but we’d like to place a few bets on any children Andy and Kim may have.

Congratulations, Andy and Kim (Kandy?!?). Doubles partners for life.


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