Princess Anne caught mocking Andy Murray's flag fail.

Team Great Britain has arrived in Rio for the 2016 Olympics but before the games begin they all got together for a group photoshoot with Princess Anne, a former Olympian herself.

The Olympic delegation from Great Britain is on the ground in Rio and before the athletes dive into preparing for competition, they all got together for a group photoshoot along with member of the British royal family and former Olympian, Princess Anne.

Unfortunately, defending tennis gold medal winner Andy Murray was chosen to hold the flag.

You would think that the two-time Wimbledon champion would be good at holding things considering how much time he spends holding a racquet, but alas the Union Jack appears to have been too much for the Scotsman.

He spent the shoot struggling to keep the flag upright. At one point he almost hit Princess Anne in the head!

Image: Twitter/@RoyalFamily

Princess Anne (daughter of Elizabeth II, sister to Prince Charles), who competed at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal as a member of Great Britain's equestrian team and is a member of the International Olympic Committee, took the opportunity to mock Murray by ducking behind the flag he placed squarely in front of her face.


Image: Twitter/@RoyalFamily

If being mocked by a member of the royal family wasn't embarrassing enough for Murray, the following tweet from the Royal Family's Twitter account ought to do the trick:

Speaking at a press conference the next morning Murray said,"I'm going to blame the photographers for what happened last night, because I was being given directions and then ended up putting the flag in Princess Anne's face. I didn't know what to do to be honest."

"The flag's huge, so as soon as I took the flag it was covering someone's face. Last night didn't go so well. But I see the funny side of it and try and get a bit of practice before tomorrow night."

When asked what Princess Anne had said to him, Murray said: “I think she said ‘just make sure you don’t poke my eye out,’ or something along those lines.”

“I hope she was OK. I didn’t mean to do that.”

Image: Twitter/@RoyalFamily

It's fair to assume Murray has spent the rest of the day practicing carrying that flag.