Today is a very important day for Andy Lee.

If you’re an avid listener of Hamish and Andy, there are a few things you’ll know about Andy Lee.

While his co-host Hamish is known for being ‘fast and loose’ (aka horrendously disorganised), Andy is neat and practical. That’s why their radio show has an entire segment called Upset Andy, which aims to disrupt Andy’s obsession with… order.

Listeners call in to describe scenarios that will upset him, like yanking cords from the power point without even turning the power off, or using windscreen wipers when it’s not raining hard enough. Really sick stuff.


The other thing you’ll know about Andy Lee is that he hates his birthday. Hates it.

So much so that Hamish and Andy listeners will call in and greet the hosts by wishing Andy a ‘Happy Birthday’ every single day. Because that’s funny. It’s very funny to be annoying.

Andy DOES NOT like it.

Listen: Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk discuss Hamish and Andy’s new show on The Binge. (Post continues after audio.) 

He hates people making a fuss over him, he doesn’t think it’s worth celebrating because there’s no achievement in being born, and he hasn’t done anything. 

Andy finds the Happy Birthday routine pointless and inefficient, and he despises being the centre of attention for no real reason other than ageing another year.

Of course, the day before his birthday, mid-interview, Hamish had Tom Cruise specifically wish Andy a Happy Birthday because he “makes such a big deal of it”.


Incredible. Even Tom Cruise knows how much Andy loves celebrating his own birthday…

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An uncomfortable Andy then had to explain to Tom Cruise that “I don’t really celebrate my birthday,” while Hamish continued to thank the actor for “taking the pressure off,” given Andy’s intense demands for his big day.

Today, May 24, is Andy’s actual birthday. He turns 36.

So in the hopes of making him as uncomfortable as possible, we have a message for him.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Andy!

We also urge all fans to tweet Andy here wishing him a happy birthday, because as previously stated, being annoying is funny. Always.

Luckily, Andy's partner Rebecca Harding is fully on board. Image via Instagram.