Amy Schumer: "I felt I looked more beautiful than I have ever felt in my life."


Another year, another calendar full of naked women from car parts manufacturer Pirelli.

Well, sort of.

“Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman. Thank you Annie Leibovitz!”

Amy Schumer announced her spot in the 2016 calendar with her usual direct wit.

The calendar is famous for its celebrity pull. From Sophia Loren to Kate Moss, it gets the big names, but those names are usually models.

Pirelli commissions high-profile photographers and fashion designers to produce it. Karl Largerfield is one, Annie Leibovitz another.


In 2016, Pirelli chose Leibovitz again, and allowed her free rein to shoot women of a variety of ages and races, with diverse careers in arts, philanthropy, sport and entertainment — many of them fully clothed.

“Pirelli gave me that freedom, they said: ‘We want to do a departure’… Every single day we photographed, I was more empowered with every single photograph we took,” Lebovitz says in a promotional video for the shoot.

Serena Williams for the Pirelli Calendar 2016, by Annie Leibovitz.

Among those in next year’s calendar are Yoko Ono, Serena Williams, Tavi Gevinson, and of course, Schumer.

Schumer is described by Pirelli as operating on “an extreme edge of feminism”.

“She is so out there that what she does often isn’t recognisable as feminism per se.”

Which is perhaps a good description of the whole situation. The company has not always had such an inclusive approach. The first plus size model to appear in the calendar was Candice Huffine. In 2015.

And for 2010, the company commissioned Terry Richardson for the shoot. A decision that does not speak to respect for women.

The reaction online to the images has been largely positive, with many praising Schumer and Leibovitz for the shoot.

Importantly, Schumer is happy.

“I felt I looked more beautiful than I have ever felt in my life and I felt like it looked like me,” Schumer says.