Amy Schumer's book cover deemed 'explicit' by Facebook.

Thank you to Facebook for finally cracking down on the disgusting, lewd, explicit images we’re all forced to see every time we open our newsfeed.

I’m, of course, talking about Amy Schumer’s back.

In celebration of the release of Schumer's new memoir The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo (which came out yesterday and is AMAZING), publisher Harper Collins created a contest where one lucky fan can win two tickets to Schumer's upcoming show in Sydney.

To promote the contest they posted the following ad on their Facebook page:

A week later, Harper Collins had a notification from Facebook letting them know the ad had breached their advertising policy and therefore was removed.

According to Facebook, a woman's back is an "excessive" amount of skin.

According to Facebook looking over your shoulder is a "suggestive position".

According to Facebook, Amy Schumer's naked back is "suggestive content".

This. Is. Insane.

Absolutely batshit crazy.

Here's what Harper Collins had to say in a statement:


The Facebook ad for the competition we posted to win tickets to Amy Schumers Sydney show in Dec was pulled by Facebook (after it had been live for a week!) for breaching their advertising policy. The reasoning was the 'excessive skin' on the cover of her book GIRL WITH THE LOWER BACK TATTOO which HarperCollins publish (it hit the shops yesterday and is selling like crazy) . 

It has to be said, Amy is looking over her naked shoulder to look at the camera. You can see her back! Not what is commonly thought of as a controversial stance and she looks absolutely gorgeous. HarperCollins whole heartedly support her and could not be more proud to publish THE GIRL WITH THE LOWER BACK TATTOO. And her back, we have her back too. We got your back Amy. 

You would think that by now, censors would know not to mess with Amy Schumer. In 2012 she went head to head with Comedy Central for the right to say "pussy" on Inside Amy Schumer.

And then there's video evidence like her Critics Choice Awards acceptance speech:

Video via A&E

But, personally, I would like to thank Facebook for protecting my delicate sensibilities.

Facebook is not a place for a book publisher posting about an amazing contest featuring a photo of a super non-sexual section of a woman's body on the cover of a book she spent a lot of time and energy creating for her fans.

Hopefully, they'll start to crack down on the rest of the site soon.