Amy Schumer shares a horrifying relationship story many couples can relate to.

Amy Schumer recently put her relationship with partner Ben Hanisch to the ultimate test: violent food poisoning.

Appearing on the Ellen Degeneres Show, the 35-year-old explained the unfortunate bout of gastro hit when the pair were on holiday, and staying in a tiny, one-bathroom Paris hotel.

“I knew it was over,” Schumer joked.

“I was in there yelling, ‘It was so great dating you. I wish you the best luck. You’re going to meet the greatest girl’. But I knew, I knew it was over.

“I knew it was over." (Image: Getty)

“[It was] all ends. I was like the fountain on Friends.”

While the pair did learn some valuable lessons - i.e. “not to ever throw up in a wicker basket” - they somehow survived the tumultuous ordeal. And they aren't the only couple to weather an ordeal like this.

"Four years into our relationship, while living together, our toilet blocked and it all came out of the laundry drain," a cringing Mamamia team member told me upon hearing Schumer's nightmare.


"We used every towel we could [while] cleaning a river of our own urine and poop, all mixed together like some sort of symbolic metaphor for our relationship."

How delightful! 

How about this for a relaxing getaway?

"Last year in Thailand we both got food poisoning and could not move from a dark, cold hotel room for 48 hours. It was the absolute worst," another colleague confides.

"Excuse the detail, but it was sickness at all ends of the body. At one point when I was on the toilet, he needed to be sick so he had to climb over the spa, out of the window and into the garden.

"We'd been so good about bathroom privacy for years, but that trip certainly changed things." (Post continues after gallery.)

And, finally, the ultimate Tale of Rogue Bodily Functions: The Pregnancy Edition.

"Very early in my pregnancy when my sense of smell was razor sharp, I needed to go into the bathroom to spit out my toothpaste when my partner warns me he's just evacuated his bowels," a third coworker told me.

"I ran in and tried to spit out quickly and get out of there but the smell was so bad I dry retched, ran out and vomited in the kitchen sink. Then I started crying because it just smelled that bad and also #pregnant."

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