10 American kids try Vegemite. Their reactions are hilarious.

Vegemite is one of those things that divides Australians.

You either passionately love it (it’s a hangover cure! And it cures pimples and mouth ulcers! And it’s delicious!), or you hate it with the fire of a thousand burning suns (how did something so disgusting manage to become our national food icon?).

Of course, we’re all used to Vegemite now. But Americans certainly don’t understand anything about Australia’s most famous spread.

REACT, the Youtube channel that’s famous for filming amazing reactions from both kids and adults, decided to put Vegemite to the test. They took the spread out of the jar, popped it on some crackers and asked 10 American kids to taste-test.

Their reactions? Hilarious. And plenty of other people think so as well, given that the video has had over 700,000 views in just a couple of days.

Click to watch:

In case you can’t watch the video – some kids think it’s chocolate and are terribly disappointed when they taste it. Other kids think it’s too salty, or tastes like dirt, or can’t understand why it doesn’t taste like chocolate pudding.

The best quote of the bunch: “It tastes like someone tried to make food and failed horribly.”

Aww. We still love you, Vegemite.