Win a life changing mentor

Win a chance to be mentored by Peter Alexander. This sponsored post is brought to you by American Express

An opportunity to follow that idea that you have been thinking about for years and get a little help from Peter Alexander…

When I was a little girl I had a Barbie doll. Actually technically speaking she was a Cindy doll but she had the same dimensions.  You know, er perfectly unrealistic.

One of the things that I loved most about my doll was changing her into hundreds of different outfits. But I didn’t own a hundreds items of clothes  so I made her outfits.  I fashioned dresses out of old clothes, I wrapped toilet paper around her body, I draped her in packets and honestly I think I invented Gaga before Gaga invented herself.

But one of my favourite outfits was made out of real material.  My mother gave me a beautiful piece of cream fabric on my sister’s birthday (I suspect that if it was my own birthday she would have bought me doll’s clothes)  I cut two holes into it for arms and voila – I had a jacket.  I LOVED it.  Thought it was so perfect that I should market it to Mattel. Or Christian Dior

But then life stepped in and I grew out of my dolls and became a teacher and went through many a job change before being all editor like at Mamamia.  But now it looks like my chance has come again. And so has yours.

Have you ever thought about doing something totally different to what you do now? Something creative and inspiring, maybe something exotic and extravagant.

Peter Alexander is on the lookout for the next Australian with a great fashion idea. He’s going to share his insights, knowledge and experience as part of the American Express Room for Thought project.  And the idea doesn’t have to be about fashion design, it doesn’t even have to be about fashion, it just needs to be fashionable. American Express has created this global project to help members of the public turn big ideas into reality, and to explore the creative potential of all Australians.  So YOU  have the chance to realise your potential with the help of an expert mentor.


The pyjama king and Australian fashion guru is looking for someone who has a unique idea – an idea that has never been thought of, an idea that he can turn into reality.

This is an exciting opportunity for you, for your friends your family – anyone with a hint of fashion in their blood and the seed of an idea in their head to realise their dreams.  It’s not just limited to designers though, it also includes people who have ideas and want to put a fashion slant to an everyday activity – you know like developing a fashion workshop or simply wanting to redesign phones, computers, tech products, anything  – just to make it more fashionable.

Submissions closes on Wednesday 13th July 2011.  For more information on the program – including how to enter, the selection process and the role the mentors will be playing – click here .

And it’s not all about fashion, if you are interested in the fields of Music, and Community and the Arts there is something there for you to.

What is the field you would most like to pursue and who would you choose to mentor you?

To help get you in the mood here are 20 inspiring looks straight from the Haute Couture Fashion Week currently taking place in Paris plus two of Peter Alexander’s pyjama creations.

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