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1. American Ebola patient dies

Ebola patient dies.



The first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States has died at a Dallas hospital.

“It is with profound sadness and heartfelt disappointment that we must inform you of the death of Thomas Eric Duncan this morning at 7:51am,” the hospital announced.

“He fought courageously in this battle.” reports The Dallas Morning News.

Duncan was admitted to the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas on Sept. 28.

He initially went to the hospital’s emergency room with symptoms on Sept. 26. He returned in an ambulance two days later and had been in an isolation unit since then. 10 people he had been in contact with are being monitored for signs of the virus.

2. Surrogacy case involving high profile federal politician

A second surrogacy case mirroring that of baby Gammy has come to light.

The ABC have reported that an Australian couple left behind one of the twins born to a surrogate in India in 2012, despite pleas from consular staff to take the baby.

It is understood that they didn’t want the baby because of its gender.

For more read this post here.

3. Mother-of-three survives 17 days in bush

Shannon Leah Fraser ate small fish and bugs.

A missing Queensland mother has told of her miraculous survival after becoming lost in the bush in FNQ 17 days ago, and living to tell her tale.

Shannon Leah Fraser reportedly survived on creek water, small fish and insects before being found by a farmer yesterday morning.


The Courier Mail reports that the Innisfail woman had lost over 16 kilos. She went for a solo bush walk after her and her partner had been on a ‘bender’ and went to swim it off at a creek.

During her time lost she said she came face-to-face with a giant cassowary and got chased by a 2m freshwater crocodile.

It’s Biggest Loser meets Bear Grylls,’’ her brother Dylan Fraser told The Courier-Mail.

4. Police treat Mayang Prasetyo murder as a domestic violence matter.

Mayang Prasetyo and Marcus Volke.

QLD Police have appealed for anyone with information about the relationship between Mayang Prasetyo and Marcus Volke to come forward as they say they are treating her violent murder as “ a domestic violence matter.”

“At this present time our investigations are centering on that it’s a domestic violence matter that has become out of hand,” Detective Senior Sergeant Armitt said.

“As part of our investigation we’d like to present to the coroner information regarding the background of the couple, how they interacted with each other and their relationship.

If you need help with a domestic violence matter you can turn to the National Sexual Assault, Family & Domestic Violence Counselling Line: 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732)

 5. Coalition MPs urge PM to drop PPL scheme

Three Coalition MPs George Christensen, Ian MacDonald and John Williams are urging the Prime Minister to drop his controversial paid parental leave scheme to pay for budget holes.

Fairfax Media reports that Senator Williams said,  “I don’t have a problem with the PPL plan so long as we have a strong economy. We are doing our best to build a strong economy but international events are making it harder, especially when it comes to iron ore and coal.”


Let’s save Excalibur is trending on twitter.

6. Spanish Ebola patient

A Spanish nurse who has contracted Ebola has said she is unsure how she contracted the virus as she is sure she followed all protocols.

El Mundo reports that Teresa Romero Ramos, who is currently being treated in a Madrid hospital said she felt “a little better” although she still needed rest and added that she “might want to get a second opinion”.

Her husband Javier and dog Excalibur are both in quarantine, with Mr Romero releasing a video urging the Spanish authorities to spare the life of their pet.

A social media campaign to save the dog has gone viral.

The hashtag #SalvemosAExcalibur – which is Spanish for ‘Let’s save Excalibur’ has been trending on twitter with users posting photos of their pets after Spanish authorities threatened to put down Teresa Romero Ramos’s dog amid fears the animal could spread the killer disease.

 7. Calls to stop “Hate Preacher”

The Prime Minister Tony Abbott has said he wants visa rules tightened so preachers of extremist ideologies will be refused entry into the country.

It comes as Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir say they will proceed with a planned lecture on Friday night  in Sydney where they will rail against the US-led mission in Syria.

Mr Abbott said yesterday that a “red-card” system would be introduced to screen, identify and refuse visas to certain individuals.


“Over the years there have been all sorts of people coming to this country to cause trouble to make a nuisance of themselves, to stir up Australian against Australian,” he said.

8. Generation Z taught workplace rules

Students are to receive lessons in workplace behaviours such as communication skills and how to get on with colleagues after research has shown many students who enter the workplace are not ready for the environment.

News Limited reports that the course appeals to employers as they feel ”flaky” Generation Y can’t cope with the demands of a working environment.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Gen Ys have sent “text messages, emailed or posted on Facebook when sick instead of phoning the boss. Some have even ­resigned by text.”

The hopes are that with this new course Generation Z will be better equipped for working life.

 9. Subway ad slammed for sexism

Fast food chain Subway have pulled an ad from their YouTube channel – and then put it back on again – after it was branded sexist and that it sent out the wrong stereotype about women’s bodies.

Subway issued a semi-apology saying

“We understand that some people may not have picked up on the intended humor in our Halloween commercial. Our objective was certainly not to offend anyone.”

Take a look, do you find it offensive?




10. Rosie Batty’s political considerations

Just weeks before an inquiry into the tragic death of her son, Luke, Rosie Batty has said that she has considered a career in politics.

Ms Batty a strong advocate for change in the way domestic violence is accepted throughout the community told The Herald Sun.

“A number of people have suggested I should look at politics”.

“If I think I could really help significantly with change in an effective way, I would consider it — with a lot of encouragement. I would want to be able to keep my integrity,’’ she said.

The inquest into Luke Batty’s death begins on October 20.

11. Mother charged over son’s death

Charged with murder after poisoning son with alcohol.

A mother has been charged with murder after allegedly killing her 13-year old son by putting alcohol in his i/v tube.

The woman from Vermont in the US was arrested after her disabled son died and tests revealed his blood alcohol content was 0.146 percent.

Melissa Robitille and her partner Walter Richter III were charged with Isaac Robitille’s death reports WUSA9.

12. Cost of coffee set to hit $5

$5 for a coffee. Is it worth the price?

There are fears that the price of a take away coffee could hit $5 after worldwide coffee prices hit their highest level in two years.

The Australian reports that other costs such as labor, rent and labor, rent and electricity are all combining to make that latte a little more unaffordable.

Would you pay $5 for a coffee?
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