Is this really what the rest of Amber Sherlock's career will look like?

In case you missed it, ‘Jacketgate 2.0’ was supposedly narrowly avoided last night, when a guest on Nine News Now’s Chatroom segment, Kellie Alderman, donned a top the same green as Amber Sherlock’s.

Twitter promptly erupted with mock outrage, and news publications rushed to screenshot awkward stills of the now infamous anchor and Alderman side by side.

“Bizarre outfit leaves Nine viewers questioning if Amber Sherlock had another meltdown,” one outlet mused.

“Oh god the Amber Sherlock white shirt incident has played out again oh god,” a second chimed in.

“Social media users question if Amber Sherlock has ANOTHER Jacketgate meltdown after guest is seen in bizarre mismatched outfit,” wrote another.

Almost a month has passed since the 41-year-old’s uncomfortable clash with sports reporter Julie Snook was leaked to Mumbrella. Once it exploded into a global story, and was satirised by the likes of Jimmy Kimmel, the hangover transformed into something cruel and vengeful.

Some people – viewers, the media, Nine’s competitors – are waiting for Amber Sherlock to slip up again. They just can’t let it go.

You see, she’s the ticking time bomb of the media industry, waiting to snap at any moment. Apparently.

While I don’t agree with the way Sherlock spoke to Snook in that now infamous video, I do sympathise with her for the fact that she is now defined by private footage that our eyes were never supposed to see.

She is that lady who did the jacket thing and was all over the internet because of it.

For someone’s decade-long career at Nine to be defined by leaked footage is devastating.

Particularly when you consider that the “on air” talent who is responsible for this debacle going viral reportedly received no form of punishment whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Amber Sherlock’s punishment will span months, likely years.

Her stomach will tighten whenever she engages in a heated discussion in front of a camera.

She will need to precariously walk the line between passionate without turning “bitchy” or “snapping”.

She will have to smile politely at all times.

She will have to meticulously handle even the slightest wardrobe clash.

She will be required to constantly have her guard up, while thousands of eyes analyse her appearance with a fine-toothed comb every god damn day.

And whenever Amber Sherlock logs online, to catch up on news? She faces the prospect of being the news – again – when all she ever wanted to do was tell it.