Amber Sherlock just gave a subtle nod to the #JacketGate Logies spoof.

On Wednesday, Channel Nine newsreader Amber Sherlock gave the perfect nod to the Logies #JacketGate spoof that had Australia in stitches on Sunday night.

In case you need a refresher, Peter Helliar and Kat Stewart appeared on stage in matching fuchsia outfits while presenting the Logie for Best Comedy.

Image via Channel 9.

As Stewart started to introduce the category, Gold Logie nominee Helliar interrupted and said, "Uh I'm sorry, you need to change".

"Call wardrobe. I'm sorry but I told you to change two hours ago. I asked you specifically not to wear fuschia. You need to put a jacket on or something," Helliar continued.


"I told you two and a half hours ago, we can't both wear fuschia! We look like we're trying to land aircraft."

So on Wednesday afternoon, Sherlock herself presented Nine's Chatroom wearing fuchsia. And it didn't go unnoticed.

Image via Channel 9.

The move was very much intentional.

On Wednesday morning, Sherlock Instagrammed her bright 'back to work' outfit and pinged Helliar and Stewart in her caption.


Back at work and feeling fuchsia! This one's for you @pjhelliar and Kat Stewart ????

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The two presenters weren't the only ones who gave Sherlock a gentle ribbing about #jacketgate at Sunday night's Logie awards.

Fellow newsreader, and former Bachelorette, Georgia Love couldn't resist poking fun at the now-infamous incident when she and Sherlock posed for a photo in their white dresses.


"One of you is going to have to put a jacket on," the caption read. It appears that person was Love:

"Good on you for being able to have a laugh about #jacketgate and for still rocking white!" she added.

Clearly, Sherlock continues to be what Peter Helliar calls a "great sport" about the tense off-air exchange that saw her receive excessive criticism online.

After the release of the video video, which showed Sherlock reprimand fellow journalist Julie Snook for wearing the same colour as her, Sherlock made her Twitter account private and took a step back from social media.


But today's subtle nod suggests she's come to terms with the public attention, and is more than ready to laugh about the incident.

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