No shame here! Amber Rose undertakes a glorious walk of no shame.

Amber Rose’s feminism is a whole lot of fun.

First, she wrote a memoir called How to be a Bad Bitch. Then, she turned up on the VMAs red carpet clad in a bodysuit emblazoned with words such as “gold digger” “bitch” and “ho”.  Next, she hosted an event called the Amber Rose Slut Walk.

Now, Amber Rose, 31, appears in a video for Funny or Die with a very important message: having casual sex is not shameful for women.

On a bright shiny morning, she exits a front door and undertakes the dreaded walk home, high heels in hand, after a night of passion.

Watch Amber Rose’s Walk of No Shame… Post continues after video.

Video via Funny or Die

Instead of public condemnation, though, a cheery Amber Rose is greeted with admiration and congratulations from milkmen, workmen, crotchetty old ladies and even the mayor.

Looking just like a woman who had really good sex last night, Rose sashays, barefoot and smiling, in a tiny dress through the neighbourhood.

Good morning! Amber Rose heads home.

“You’re an inspiration to my daughter!” one man yells out his car window at her.

“I respect that you enjoyed yourself last night. I think we can all agree that sex is fun!” a workman tells Rose.

“It sure is!” she agrees, enthusiastically.

Amber Rose’s VMAs red carpet outfit.

My favourite part is when the mayor chases after her to award her a key to the city, for her “confidence in the choices you made and your ability to celebrate your body!”

Oh, and also an appearance by one of our favourite feminists, Matt McGorry, who wrote on Facebook of the video:

I was absolutely thrilled when Amber Rose asked me to be a part of this sketch. If only we lived in a world where people didn’t treat women with these massive double standards. For those of you on board with the message, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this as much as I did.

For those that can’t see past judging Amber or her character in this for any number of reasons, this will certainly be way above your head. This video is not encouraging women or other genders to be promiscuous, it’s encouraging a society where we don’t judge women and call them “hoes” for the same reason that we’d give a guy a pat on the back and call them a “pimp.” You don’t have to want one night stands for yourself to honor and respect a(nother) women’s choice.

My absolutely favorite part is Amber’s reaction to me at the end. Heavens forbid a woman just wants to have sex with a guy once. “Strong women scare weak men.” Stay empowered.

Is Amber Rose becoming something of an anti-Kardashian feminist icon? She’s definitely a woman with something to say.

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