Amber Heard's latest decision proves the last thing she's after is money.

Amber Heard doesn’t want the issue of money to “distract and divert” from the issue at the heart of her divorce to Johnny Depp; domestic violence.

The actress has retracted her request for temporary spousal support from her estranged husband, claiming she only asked for it because she thought it was standard procedure.

According to court documents seen by ET, she worried her initial request for US$50,000 a month was being “used against me to distract and divert the public away from the very serious real issue of domestic violence.”

Amber Heard's facial bruising.

"In light of the co-ordinated false and negative media campaign falsely depicting my attempts to attain a CLETS Domestic Violence Restraining Order as being financially motivated, I am hereby with drawing the request ... for spousal support," she wrote in the documents.

In earlier documents, Heard said her average monthly income was US$10,000, which wouldn't cover her estimated $43,7000 in monthly expenses.

She will have the right to request spousal support again in the future, once her restraining order against Depp is dealt with.

Last week, Heard's best friend Photographer iO Tillett Wright, penned a piece for Refinery 29, saying Depp's alleged abuse was so severe she'd been forced to call 911 "because [Amber never would]".

According to Wright the reports of violence began with a kick on a private plane but soon began to escalate from pushing to punching to an eventual all-out assault, after which Heard woke up "with her pillow covered in blood".