Stress has taken a shocking toll on Amber Heard.

Amber Heard was meant to fly to London this week – but she never made it.

The actress was supposed to attend a costume fitting for her part in the upcoming Hollywood blockbuster Justice League, her biggest role to date, but was told she wasn’t “camera ready” because of her dramatic weight-loss, TMZ reports.

Heard has reportedly lost almost 10kgs from the overwhelming stress of her divorce from Johnny Depp and was told by the film’s producers she’s now “too skinny”.

If the reports are true it could mean filming delays or worse: she may have to give up the part of Mera altogether.

Given she’s likely to be in and out of court for at least next few months, it’s hard to imagine the strain she’s under will lift any time soon.


Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. Source: Getty

Since news broke of Depp's alleged abuse, Heard has been forced to repeatedly defend herself against what she described in court papers as a "co-ordinated false and negative media campaign" designed to discredit her.

She recently retracted her initial request for spousal support to kill any speculation her claims of domestic violence were "financially motivated".

Depp's career is yet to be seriously impacted by the acrimonious split, but his 2015 film Mordecai flopped and his latest, Through The Looking Glass, is yet to excite audiences.

Several reports have accused him of violent, erratic behaviour.