10 of the weirdest things you can buy on Amazon

Amazon is home to just about everything, from books, music and everyday household stuff to disturbing “when-would-I-ever-need-that?” stuff. Here are 10 of the strangest things we came across. Lucky for you, all are available now for the right price.

1. Nicolas Cage pillowcase

Depending on your view of Mr. Cage, this will either bring you sweet dreams or terrible, terrible nightmares.


2. The Daddy Saddle

The Daddy Saddle is a must-have, assuming you have a professional on hand to break and saddle a Daddy for you.


3. Freud action figure

Unfortunately, “therapy for your child” is sold separately.


4. Canned unicorn meat

$14 a can seems steep, but good luck finding a butcher that carries it.


5. Dog dinosaur costume

This is all you need to throw your dog a Jurassic Bark themed birthday party.(And then reevaluate some of the things going on in your life, maybe. We’re not here to judge, though).


6. Underpants dispenser

A must-have in your car for underpants on-the-go.


7. Zombie jerky

Because nothing is more appetising that dried, dead meat. Oh wait...


8. Inflatable toast

From the reviews: “Not as tasty as regular toast but much safer for kids and those people without slotted toasters.” Awesome.


9. 55 gallons of... lube

Brings a new, disturbing angle to buying in bulk.


10. Weener Kleener soap

Don’t waste your money on the generic version, pay a little extra and get the name brand Weener Kleener soap. Trust us.