GIMME: The $50 Amazon one piece that's universally flattering and comes in 28 colours.


Let’s get right to it:

You should know, there’s a semi-viral pair of one-piece swimmers on Amazon under $50 bucks with more than 2,000 reviews.

It’s the Dixperfect Women’s Retro 80s/90s Inspired High Cut Low Back One Piece Swimwear, $46.62.

Yes, that is a ridiculously long name for a bit of spandex. But here’s why everyone is talking about this swimsuit.

Side note – for a funny look at how swimmers have changed over the years, watch this video below. Post continues after video.

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The style? A scoop neck, lowish back and a cheeky bottom.

The material? Fully lined nylon and spandex.

The colours? It comes in 28 COLOURS AND PRINTS, from solid shades of black, khaki, neons and brights, to spots, stripes, camo and every species of animal print on earth.

(Alright, not every species, but all the trendy ones like snake, leopard, cheetah etc.)

The quality? You get what you pay for, but in this case, you’re getting your money’s worth.

Oh, and the price? $46.62 + $9.97 delivery.


Here’s what it looks like on a range of different women with different bodies who’ve posted sponsored and unpaid content about it recently.


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‘Yeah OK cool, but I’ve been scammed before by online purchases that arrive looking nothing like the photo,’ you say.

What are these swimmers actually like in real life?

We had the same question, which is why we asked some of the women who’ve been wearing it on Instagram to tell us exactly how the Amazon one-piece feels and fits.

Curve model, writer and presenter Jessica Vander Leahy told Mamamia what she enjoys most about these swimmers is how flattering and cool the cut is for plus size and/or curvy women.

“I loved the high-cut leg. Too often I think swim brands marketing to a curvier customer still err on the side of assuming their clients want to be more covered up and for many, that’s not the case,” she said.


“For me personally, a boy-leg feels tragic—I never wear them happily. I find a high cut waaaay more flattering at lengthening your pins and they’re just way more functional.”

Abbie Chatfield, influencer and former Bachelor contestant, also confirmed the bust support is surprisingly OK, considering the swimmers look like a side boob slip waiting to happen.

“It actually just fits really well, which is a plus,” she said. “And the fabric is really supportive, it supports my DD tits well!”


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If you’re still not convinced, the 2,000+ reviews of these swimmers on the Amazon Australian website are a goldmine. For example, you can see 70 per cent of people who’ve bought the product give it four stars or higher, and lots of people post photos of themselves wearing the one piece so you can see it on lots of different bodies.

Here are just a few of the helpful (and honest) reviews:

“Love it. I’ve had four kiddos and this suit made me feel comfortable and confident.”


“This suit is exactly as pictured. I’m 50kg so I ordered the small. Fits perfectly. Also, I barely have any boobs and this suit gives the right amount of lift for my girls.”

“I am OBSESSED with this bathing suit! What an amazing buy! It is so form fitting, amazing quality material, and great packaging.”

“Great price, great fit, quality material and true to size. I was a little concerned at first when I didn’t see any form of support but it fits great. I feel like everything is in place and secure. It’s a bit cheeky so if you’re on the modest or conservative side you may need a cover up or shorts.”

“Love this swimsuit! I’m not typically a one piece girl but I had a baby four months ago and am going on vacation in a week. I still wanted something sexy, but with more coverage.”

“I wanted a cute, cheap one piece to show off my boobs and this swimsuit is a good match. I have GG breasts – if you have a large chest, don’t expect any support or a lot of coverage. My tip is to ALWAYS buy one size down in swimsuits so your boobs are harnessed and won’t be slipping out to say hello.”

To summarise:

These are a great pair of swimmers. The shape and cut is flattering. Goes up to a size 18-20ish. Brilliant colour selection. Even better price. That is all.

Feature image: Supplied/@leighacampbell and @wondersammie.

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