Zoe Foster Blake gives us a peek into her new beauty book.

Images: Instagram/@zotheysay.

Update: The release of Amazinger Face, the updated version of Zoe Foster Blake’s bestselling beauty bible Amazing Face, is less than two months away now.

That’s still a significant amount of time to wait, but the benevolent Go-To skincare founder has helped alleviate the pain by sharing a sneak peek inside her upcoming tome in an Instagram video. And it looks nothing short of delightful.

Those pages are flipping pretty damn fast, but there are two things we can glean:

1. The book is gorgeously illustrated, with a pastel colour theme. Very important.
2. It’s packed with all the Foster Blake beauty wisdom we love.

Can’t wait to get our hands on a copy when the book comes out on June 27.

We previously reported:

We don’t mean to alarm you, but you need to clear some space on your bookshelf. It’s a matter of urgency.

Why? Well, you’re going to need that extra room when June 27 rolls around, because it’s going to be occupied by Zoe Foster Blake. OK, OK, so Zoe herself won’t be moving into your bookshelf but her latest creation will be.

If you cast your mind back to 2011, you might recall the beauty guru released a book — well, ‘bible’ would probably be more applicable here — called Amazing Face. It was brimming with wisdom and helpful instructions on navigating the world of beauty, hair and skincare products.


Such was its usefulness, Amazing Face went on to become a bestseller. And now it’s been updated.

On Instagram last night, Zoe announced the upcoming release of Amazinger Face, explaining that it was a “flashy, gorgeous, severely updated, re-designed and fattened-up” take on the original.

Watch: We tried a men’s shaving balm as a primer and were delighted with the result. (Post continues after video.)

On her website Zo They Say, the Go-To Skincare founder elaborated on her reasons for giving Amazing Face a “much-needed” 2016 makeover.

One of the main motivations was the changing nature of the beauty landscape — particularly when it comes to who’s got influence. In 2011, it was primarily beauty editors who communicated “trends, reviews, tips and technology” to the public.

“Now there are countless vloggers, bloggers, makeup artists, derms and hair stylists with a shiny Youtube channel, a fat sack of Instagram followers and a pretty great technique with a foundation brush, actually,” Zoe writes.

Similarly, many of the products she recommended the first time around are no longer available, or have since been “outclassed” by more recent releases. And, of course, Zoe’s own skincare line didn’t exist when she wrote Amazing Face, so it’s about time Go-To was immortalised in print. (Post continues after gallery.)

The 35-year-old also stressed that her opinion on certain beauty topics, particularly sun protection, have changed significantly over the past five years (as opinions are wont to do). As such, she wanted to clarify her position.

“I have made an evangelical, noisy switch from chemical sunscreens to physical, and I hated there being a book out there with my name on it that didn’t reflect my passion and education on and for properly applied sunscreen, and also, of course, physical sun protection,” Zoe writes.

Amazinger Face will hit stores on June 17, but you can pre-order the book through Zoe’s website for $36.75 — that’s 20 per cent off the retail price of $45. Run, don’t walk.

Do you own a copy of Amazing Face? What was the most useful thing it taught you?