The incredible birth photo that Facebook didn't want you to see.

Let’s all agree on something up front – every birth is incredible, and any photo that captures the moment where a new life comes into the world is amazing.

Since the rise of birth photography as an industry, we’ve a series of mind-blowing birth photos that have moved us, shocked us, and even brought us to tears.

But this photo of a water birth by photographer Marijke Thoen of a sister meeting her new sibling takes things to a whole new level.

(And just quietly… if you have a tendency to choke up, you might want to get the tissues ready).

Image via Marijke Thoen Photography

It's hard to put our finger on exactly what we love best about this photo: the ethereal lighting, the absolute lack of self-consciousness, or the expression on that tiny baby's face.

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But there is one thing we do know for certain: the demand for water births in clear tubs is set to skyrocket.

Image via Marijke Thoen Photography

Sadly, not everyone loves this image as much as we do. Facebook has blocked photographer Marijke's page for sharing these amazing photos, although nobody with eyes could argue that they depict anything explicit or inappropriate.

"We must stop this ridiculous censorship on birth photography," Marijke wrote on Instagram following the incident.

"This picture is not graphic, all that radiates from this image is the pure beauty, realness and rawness of childbirth."


You can see more of Marijke Thoen's incredible birth photography on her website here, her Instagram here, and her Facebook here