Amanda Vanstone on Bindi Irwin: 'She's not the only kid whose father died.'

Yes, everyone grieves differently, but that was a low blow, Amanda Vanstone.

Bindi Irwin brightened everyone’s week with her incredible win on America’s Dancing With The Stars yesterday.

Well, almost everyone’s.

Former Federal Government Minister Amanda Vanstone still tried to rain on her parade on the Nine Network’s political show The Verdict last night.

When speaking about Bindi Irwin’s incredible performances on the dance show and how she broke down when a photograph of her late father Steve Irwin was projected onto the screen behind her, Amanda suggested Bindi was not special, and said, “She’s not the only kid whose father died.”

The audience and panel were dumbfounded by her inappropriate and heartless comment — which she then attempted poorly to justify.

There was an immediate reaction online:

There was no holding back from some viewers when expressing their own feelings about Amanda’s extremely poor taste comment:

In fact, we’re pretty certain you weren’t, because you would have been basking in the awesomeness of your win with people who love you.

Watch Bindi take out America’s Dancing with the Stars. 

Video via ABC