News: Radio host Amanda Keller is in hospital.


Radio and television presenter Amanda Keller was reportedly taken to hospital after suffering cardiac problems from the movie premiere of Angelina Jolie’s film Unbroken last night.

“We’re at the movie Unbroken last night, enjoying the movie, and Amanda says to me ‘I’m not feeling well’,” Amanda’s co-host Jonesy said on the pair’s WSFM radio show this morning.

“Next thing she’s in the hospital getting tests, which is the wise thing to do.”

Amanda Keller and Brendan Jones at the Unbroken premiere last night. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Amanda phoned into her own radio show this morning from her hospital bed to update listeners.

“You see, I’ve done some work with the Victor Chang Foundation and I know that symptoms of heart attacks for women aren’t what they are for men… I had the tightness in my chest, I was sweaty and hot.”

She went home, and was encouraged by her EXTREMELY WISE husband to get checked out by a doctor.

‘So anyway I came into hospital… everything seems to be fine. I’ve had ECGs and chest X-rays, I’ve had blood tests.”

Celebrities have already started tweeting their support, with Lisa Wilkinson posting to Twitter: “Sending big love this morning to radio & TV host Amanda Keller who’s in hospital aft suffering cardiac issues at a movie premiere last night.”

And Amanda’s youngest son is supportive too. According to Amanda, 11-year-old Jack said “imagine if you go into a coma and you wake up and I’m a race-car driver.” Just what every Mum wants to hear.

Sending our love to Amanda for a speedy recovery.