Amanda Keller's health scare actually caused by something very daggy and normal.

Amanda Keller has downplayed her recent health scare as “very daggy and normal” and definitely not “a near-death experience.” The culprit? Some too tight control pants.

If you’ve forgotten, the WSFM radio star was rushed to hospital from the premiere of  Angelina Jolie’s latest film Unbroken last month, after suffering heart attack-like symptoms.

Keller put our minds at ease this morning in an interview with Matt Simpson and Bruno Bouchet from explaining her symptoms thusly:

“I think it was a combination of Spanx and overheating and I’d had a sore jaw that day,” said Keller.

Keller attending the Unbroken premiere with co-host Brendan “Jonesy” Jones

It could happen to anyone. Really.

Keller did spend the night in the hospital however, and has wisely undergone testing to rule out a heart attack.

As Bridget Jones can attest, looking fab is a risky business.

“I had some blood tests, I had an ECG and then they gave me a CAT scan just to make sure all was well,” she said.

“I knew enough, I’d done some work with the Victor Chang Foundation, that females symptoms for heart attacks are different to men … Sometimes it’s just feeling fluey and muscle aches and sweats and I knew there was something about jaw pain and yes that was one of the symptoms.”

Glad you’re feeling better Amanda!