Amal in a silver midriff. It's kind of like Hillary in a playsuit.


Amal Clooney has the runs on the board in so many domains.

Husband? George Clooney. Tick.

Career? International Human Rights lawyer. Tick.

Side job? Author. Tick.

Home? Well, they’re everywhere. From the English countryside to Lake Como in Italy and New York city. Tick.

Style? Immaculate. Remember the festival of the wedding? The white lace wedding dress was just the tip of the sartorial iceberg. There was the going away outfit and the coming to outfit and the lunch outfit with friends. Then there are all those red carpet appearances with George where she has nailed effortless chic style. Tick. Tick. Tick.

That’s why Amal’s latest sartorial choice was a Hang on. What’s going on? Does this work really, really well and I’m missing something or is this not right, kind of like seeing Hillary Clinton in a polka dot playsuit?

On Thursday, at A-list makeup artist’s Charlotte Tilbury’s holiday party in London, Amal stepped out in a metallic silver midriff top with matching culottes and silver pumps. U.S. InStyle called her look “edgy” and “festive”. They’re two very hard things to combine in one outfit.

It wasn’t so much the midriff top on Amal being a bit jarring. Although a midriff top is a huge departure from normal Amal-wear. It’s not about age limits and midriff tops, if you rock it, wear it (and if we are going to apply age limits to anything first cab off the rank is men dying their hair – hello Donald).

There is something a little bit “girlish” and unsophisticated about it. Then there was the matchy, matchy silver with matchy metallic buttons down the front and matchy shoes.


It all looked a bit … gasp … home-made. From alfoil and Spotlight buttons.

Amal took a gamble on her way to Charlotte’s party.

We’ve all been there.

Is it too much? 

I’m out of my comfort zone but I should get out of my comfort zone more often. 

Just act cool and don’t tug on it all night. Tugging makes you look insecure. No one is going to notice I’m wearing a silver midriff top and matching silver culottes and silver shoes anyway.

Watch George and Amal on the red carpet below. Post continues after video.

I’ve made the choice, there’s no turning back now and putting on a LBD. And I said no more LBDs for a little while. 

The invite said FESTIVE. Look at me. I can be really fun. 

Maybe my driver can take me home and I can do a quick change and put on the YSL smoking jacket. I’ll just text my stylist and George (okay, we mightn’t have said this one).

Amal Clooney just kicked another goal.

Being human? She wore a matching silver outfit that didn’t look quite right at a party with her friends. Tick. Tick.

What do you think of Amal’s metallic midriff?