Is it a faux bob? Is it a cut? The mystery of Amal Clooney's hair continues.

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Human rights lawyer, author and activitist Amal Clooney recently took time out from saving the world to support her little-known actor husband (George? Geoff? I can never remember) at the premiere of his new film Hail, Caeser!

As usual, the 37-year-old stole the limelight — not because of her Giambattista Valli mini and killer Dior silver pumps, although they were rather excellent, but rather something going on up top. And no, this time it wasn’t her brain.

Clooney’s enviable thick and glossy hair — seriously, it would make Kate Middleton jealous — looked notably shorter than we’re used to seeing it. But has she really gone for the chop or is she playing a cruel, cruel trick on us with a faux bob?

Forget the Bermuda Triangle; this is the modern mystery we need an answer for, stat.

Why would you confuse us like this, Amal? Image: Getty.


While there are clearly some bobby pins involved in the style, surely it's not possible to conceal that much hair at the nape of her neck? Where has it all disappeared to? Did someone go rogue with the scissors?

Proving we're not alone in our sartorial obsession with Clooney, sites dedicated to her beauty and style show a noticeable change in the length of her hair in recent months. It's gone from at least mid-waist to chest length.

Watch: Mia Freedman gets the Sliding Doors haircut. (Post continues after video.)

So while Clooney may not have gone for the more drastic bob cut, our sleuthing suggests she's at least had a few centimetres snipped off — and we'll be bookmarking this hairstyle to pull out come April Fools' Day.

She's actually not the first celeb to pull out the faux bob on the red carpet. Gigi Hadid caused quite a stir at the American Music Awards last year when it appeared she'd cut all her hair off.

What kind of magic is this? Image: Getty.


It turned out to be a very clever (and complex) styling trick, with stylist Bryce Scarlett reportedly using a half wig with a zigzag comb attached at the back of her hair to cover the length, while leaving the natural hairline exposed.

You may have fooled us this time, Clooney, but we won't fall for it again. (Hopefully.)

What do you think of Clooney's faux bob hairstyle?