"Bossy" women are the best partners.

By: Jessica Sager for Your Tango

Being called “bossy” is usually used as an insult, but it’s used as an insult by basic b*tches and douchebags who simply cannot handle a strong-willed, ambitious woman.

There was even some feminist backlash against the term because of those reasons, which was a bit misguided — if you truly want to be an independent woman and a leader, you need to have thick enough skin to handle criticism every now and then, most of which will be much harsher to hear than “bossy.”

That said, bossy ladies are the ones who get what they want, who get things done, and who generally make life better for the rest of us.

It’s time to celebrate bossy girls, because let’s be honest: Bossy girls are bosses, and everyone could use a lesson from them. With that, I command you to enjoy these GIFs:

1. Bossy girls are business savvy …

2. … Even when confronted with sexist queries, like “What’s your favorite position.”

3. A bossy girl isn’t afraid to speak up in the face of injustice.

4. Bossy girls will never agree to anything they don’t want to do.

5. Nothing gets between a bossy girl and what she wants. Not even an unborn child.

6. A bossy girl knows who she is and won’t change herself to fit the mold of anyone, especially not anyone inferior.

7. A bossy girl is never hesitant to ask for what she wants …

8. … Especially not in the bedroom.

9. … In part because she knows how sexy that is.

10. A bossy woman has no time for your nonsense, because she has goals to achieve.

11. Bossy ladies rule relationships, because even men who like to think they wear the pants will submit (if they know what’s good for them).

12. And a truly bossy woman knows that she really isn’t bossy at all; she’s a BOSS.

Would you call yourself bossy?

This post originally appeared on Your Tango.

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