Parents share their least favourite thing about their children.

And they don’t hold back.

Confession time: What is the least favourite thing about your child? That’s really just a nicer way of asking: What is it about your child that (sometimes) makes you want to disown them (temporarily)?

The parents who responded to the question have been really, brutally honest. Their confessions are funny, sad and sometimes a little scary, but all of them feel incredibly genuine.

Do any of these fifteen complaints resonate with you?

1. “She calls my ex’s boyfriend ‘dad’ and me by my first name. They’ve only been dating a year, and I had full custody of my daughter until just a couple months ago. It isn’t my daughter’s fault. She’s just confused, but damn does it hurt.”

2. "I raised my little sister since birth. She's a wonderful loving kid, but I'm so glad she's in university now, because she's also a huge raging f*cking b*tch in her moody teen angst mode. Teenagers are unpredictable, and are emotionally ruthless."

3. "11 year old pre-teen daughter. The bratty answering-back and drama. Constantly."

4. "She is a very bad sleeper. It's hard for her to fall asleep and stay asleep. My mum tries to comfort me that I was just like her and it took 5 years before I slept almost all nights through. Not helping mum."

5. "One bathroom house. My son takes a couple of showers a day and has some marathon "poops". I know what youre doing in there. Either do it less or do it faster. Other than that, happy Dad."


6. "I have a 16-year-old son. At times I hate him, because of his attitude and mouth. He never takes our advice, everything he does is learned the hard way, he is terribly frustrating. We spend most of the week fighting about marks, or how much time he spends with his girlfriend, or him getting a job because of how much money he spends. Fight fight fight all week. Yet every Sunday morning he wakes me up to go out for breakfast, he's been doing it since he was a little kid, and we go have a great time. It's our little truce for the week and I wouldn't trade it for the world."

7. "His incessant need to fart on me and laugh. (He's 5.)"

8. "Two-year-old and four-year-old: the constant whinging. Eat your dinner. No, we aren't there yet. Share with your sister. Mummy said 'no.' You want chocolate for breakfast? Nice try. Crying isn't going to change my mind on that. No, I am NOT buying that weird Lalaloopsy doll that sh*ts out bracelet charms. We have enough nappy surprises in this house. Your sister is annoying you? Go and play in your room instead. No, you've seen enough f*cking Christmas lights for now. No, Mummy can't make the thunder go away."

9. "Oldest girl is 20 - reminds me of my ex-wife, whom I hate and never have to see again at this point...except my daughter acts just like her."

10. "Hygiene. Please take a shower."


11. "I have a tween daughter, the drama quotient is exceptionally high. Everything is a tragedy on an epic scale. Have now turned my man cave into a bunker to prevent collateral damage. Will report at next safest opportunity."

12. "Just eat the damn vegetables for f*cks sake! Do you want scurvy?"

13. "At 5 she is already quite bossy and tells her little friends what they should be doing. I am trying to convince her it's not very nice but it isn't working so far."

14. "My 6 year old talks non-stop! Hey mum, blah blah blah. Hey mum, blah blah blah. Hey mum, blah blah blah. I can't even get away from him, when I go to the bathroom. He'll stand outside the door, talking! Some days I just want to scream, SHUT UP, ALREADY!!! But I don't."

15. "She can be super clingy. Sometimes I just want five seconds alone to just sit in quiet, and no matter where I go she always has to follow me. It was kind of cute when she was like, two. Now she's six and it's just annoying."

Are your brave enough to share the least favourite thing about your children?

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