Alyssa Milano's flight yesterday went from bad to worse.

More often than not, travelling with kids can be a nightmare. There’s the kicking, screaming, unexpected ear blocking and don’t even get us started on the in-flight kids’ channel.

We think that’s a problem only faced by us economy folk but alas, actress Alyssa Milano, 42, just had the worst possible experience while travelling (or attempting to) with her son Milo, 3, and 10-month-old daughter, Elizabella.

Milano's son Milo strolling through the airport. (Image via Instagram)

Milano shared her disastrous experience on Instagram, writing, "On a flight for a wedding. Milo just threw up all over me. When I saw in his face it was coming I cupped my hands to try to catch it. Not sure why I thought that would work. Did not work. But the visual of me sitting there horrified trying to catch his vomit with my cupped hands is still making me giggle."

Oh dear. But it doesn't end there.

Milano with her daughter Elizabella. (Image via Instagram)

"Then I obviously had to change him," Milano continued. "As I was changing him I had a milk let down (because the female body is perfect and sensed his discomfort) and I was like, 'no, no, no, boobs, wrong kid.' I then had to pump. (Elizabella is home with Mammie and Papa. Lucky girl.) So, all in all, we were in the air for 40 minutes and I spent 35 of those minutes in the lavatory cleaning up vomit and pumping breast milk. If anyone went over me with a black light right now they'd be horrified."

We didn't think Milano's day could possibly get worse but we were wrong.

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Video via Queen Latifah

"And it gets better! Our connection flight is cancelled! Just got that email. I'm still in the air. Yay! And Milo wants bacon. He doesn't understand that he can't order his food 'from the waiter,' better known as the flight attendant. He really, really wants bacon. Is it too early for me to start drinking?"

In this situation Alyssa, it's never too early for a vodka.

Have you ever had a bad experience flying with your children?

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