Finally, a school fundraising note that you won't dread finding in your kid's bag.

ATT: Parents.

Tired of pretending like you give a f*ck about baking/walkathons/boxes of chocolate Freddos/[insert terrible fundraising idea here]?

Well, here’s a Parents and Teachers Association who GETS YOU.

No more will you have to feel the pangs of inadequacy when you bring your slightly over crisp honey-joys to the primary school bake sale or stay up late at night fretting over how you’ll burn off the entire box of chocolate bars you’re inevitably going to eat because you couldn’t be bothered spruiking them to your work colleagues.

This is it. The fundraiser to end ALL SH*TTY FUNDRAISERS.

An Indiana mother posted this image of a form sent home with her Year 7 student for her PTA’s “alternative fundraiser” and I think we can all agree: she’s a hero


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