"Martin, how's the nipple?" Grant Hackett's alleged victim hounded by reporter.

The man who allegedly had his nipple tweaked by Grant Hackett has been humiliated on social media after a video emerged of him being hounded by a journalist.

Sydney real estate agent Martin Slobodnik was walking down the street on Tuesday morning when he spotted a camera crew and reporter awaiting him.

Visibly panicked, Slobodnik breaks into a run but as soon as he speeds up, the reporter motions to the camera and a pursuit begins.

“Martin, how’s the nipple?” The Channel 9 reporter says.

Slobodnik manages to get out, “no comment” before he tugs his hood further down his face and continues his escape.

The video was uploaded to Twitter with the caption of: ‘single greatest piece of journalism ever’.

The response has been mixed but several users have treated the incident as a casual fail of journalism rather than an example of belittling a potential victim.

One user points out the sexist double-standard that looms over the question.

The question of whether it would have been asked to a female draws the seriousness of the issue to the forefront but it’s not the main problem.

Slobodnik may be male but that does not lessen the physical pain he suffered nor the humiliation he must have felt to have an incident such as this thrust him into the national spotlight.

In an interview with the Herald Sun, Slobodnik said he continued to suffer from the incident.

“I can still feel his hands groping. I still feel violated,” Slobodnik said. “My nipple still hurts, my chest still hurts.”

Watch some of Channel 7’s coverage of the incident. Post continues after video…

Video via Channel 7

Hackett was accused of reaching forward and tweaking Slobodnik’s nipple after the man reclined his seat in front of Hackett on a domestic flight.

The Olympian has since made several public apologies and has reached out to Slobodnik directly. Slobodnik has accepted Hackett’s personal apology and will not be pressing charges.

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