Former The Biggest Loser star Alison Braun shares her progress seven years on.

Image: Facebook/Alison Braun.

In every season of The Biggest Loser, the ‘success’ of each contestant’s physical transformation is obvious. Many kilograms are shed, their fitness is vastly improved, and they always seem pretty damn chuffed (if not overcome by joy) by the final episode.

But we’ve all wondered how those jaw-dropping results fare in the weeks, months and years after the cameras stop rolling. Is it possible to maintain such a controlled approach to eating and exercise without The Commando or Michelle Bridges on hand?

For former The Biggest Loser contestant Alison Braun, at least, the positive health outcomes of her time on the show have lasted for seven years.

The now 42-year-old was named runner-up in Season Three after losing 55.2 kilograms. Last night, she posted a self-described “shameless selfie” to demonstrate just how much the experienced has changed her life over the past seven years.

Braun shared this image on Facebook last night.

"I never wanted to come to Bali because at 122kg I never felt like I fitted in. I still can't believe just how much life I missed out on," the mother of three wrote.

Braun's photo was flooded with comments across social media. When followers asked whether she had any 'help' to maintain her weight, she responded, "No help. I did have breast augmentation however nothing else, my tummy, butt and top of legs are far from perfect a little bumpy and wobble more than I would like however I have been lucky to be honest. I also know how to stand for a photo!"

Although she's clearly dedicated to living a healthy lifestyle, as evidenced by the tips and tricks she regularly shares with her followers, Perth-based Braun has admitted that she didn't always remain "on track" after her season of The Biggest Loser ended.


"About three years ago I slipped back to old habits and old routines. However, I got honest with myself and started setting up for success again," she posted on her Facebook page last month.

Braun today (left) and weighing-in during the season 3 finale of TBL (right)

Braun has previously spoken about how she struggled to cope following the death of her husband Robert, who took his own life in late 2008 — not long after her time on The Biggest Loser.

"2008 was both the best and the worst year of my life. I was worried that after my husband died that I would turn to food in my grief," she told News Corp at the time.

"All of us in the [TBL] house were emotional eaters and when my husband died it was the hardest thing I had to deal with." (Post continues after gallery.)

Braun isn't the only former contestant who has been open about their health progress in the wake of the show. Her season three co-star Sam Rouen made an appearance on the current season of TBL Families, telling the contestants about his own time on the program.

“I was in your shoes not too long ago, well actually a while ago now, and I was 19, inactive, unhealthy, unhappy and overweight," the now 27-year-old said.

Sam Rouen today (left) and during his time on the show (right)

"I know how tough it is and how much of a slog it is each day but at the same time believe me when I can say what it’s worth and the reward when you come out the other side.”

Though Rouen achieved his dream of becoming a firefighter after his Biggest Loser experience, he admitted he still feels "extremely self-conscious" about his body, telling the Sunday Telegraph, “I still don’t like taking my shirt off – even at the beach."

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