The Bachelor's Richie and Alex comment on the nation-wide reaction that he made the wrong decision.

When you’ve got a bloke choosing between two lovely ladies on national television, it’s inevitable some people are going to disagree with his decision. But few could have predicted the size and ferocity of the backlash from Team Nikki when Richie picked Alex on last night’s finale.

(After all, the way Richie feels is irrelevant, right?)

This morning the new couple spoke first the first time about the hate Australians have for their love during an appearance on KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O Show.

“You know at the end of the day this was Richie’s journey to find who he’s going to fall in love with,” said single mum Alex.

“It’s completely understandable that people fell in love with Nikki as well, because how could you not. She’s a gorgeous, gorgeous girl.”

That wasn’t enough to appease one caller, who unleashed her displeasure on the loved-up pair.

“Congratulations Richie, you’re the most hated man in the country.”

Oooh. No she didn’t!

“Why do you hate me?” Bach hit back.

“You let Nikki on. You made her believe she had a chance. You should have at least had the balls to do an Olena and tell her right up front she wasn’t going to win,” said the ticked-off caller.

As Kyle gently (ha!) pointed out, that probably wouldn’t have made for particularly gripping television.

“That’s not how the show works,” agreed Alex.

“You do realise you’re watching a TV show called The Bachelor, where I date 25 women?” chimed Richie.

“I completely understand that. But…” the caller said.

“Well clearly not,” said Richie. “But nah, it’s all good darl. Well done.”

It’s okay, Richie. No need to be nice.


With that kind of vitriol from complete strangers, it’s not hard to see why the pair are taking things slowly for now.

In fact, Richie is still yet to meet Alex’s adorable little son Elijah.

“I’m looking forward to that,” said Richie. “I’ve been privy to lots of really cool Snapchats of the guy.”

For Alex, there’s no need to rush the introductions.

“Life for us is a little chaotic at the moment, so I want it to be as enjoyable as it should be for the three of us without any pressure on the little guy,” said Alex.

“No doubt that he’s going to love Richie and vise versa, but I think it’s definitely something to ease a five-year-old in to.”

For now, they’re just looking forward to dispensing with the James Bond-level secrecy they’ve had to abide by since filming wrapped.

Hell, they can even use each other’s real names now.

The pair revealed to Jackie O that they’ve been having to refer to each other by code names to avoid spilling the result to a sharp-eared eaves-dropper.

“I called Alex ‘Millie’ and she called me ‘Chase’,” said Richie. A name he chose over the producer’s selection: Doug.

“I don’t want to be a ‘Doug’,” said Richie. “Chase Crawford, like he’s cut. He’s a good-looking rooster.”

(Yes, that happened. Richie just made a Gossip Girl reference.)

From today, it’s farewell Chase and Millie; hello Rich and Alex, the newly minted boyf and girlf that can finally holds hands and do other cute couple like things in public.

“We’re excited to be able to share in our happiness with everyone,” said Alex. “It’s a very exciting time for us.”

So, let’s remember that, people. Be cool.