We finally know the code names Richie and Alex used to keep their relationship a secret.

After months and months of sneaking around, hiding in airports and being stranded in hidden cabin deep in the depths of the Australian outback (probably), Alex and Richie can finally go public with their L-O-V-E.

richie and alex
Richie + Alex = LOVE. Image via Channel 10.

And they can finally go public with all the ways they kept their romance a secret while Australia anxiously awaited the final result.

Like, using embarrassing nicknames.

Speaking to NOVA's Fitzy and Wippa, the new couple revealed what they called each other in secret to avoid slipping up in media interviews.


Alex Nation, @Richie_Strahan dropped by after the @thebachelorau finale to flaunt their new love!

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"I came up with Mille for Alex," said Richie, while Alex went for a more pop culture inspired moniker.

"Richie was from Entourage. Vince Chase," she laughed.

We...we can totally see the resemblance. Via Giphy.

Their wacky nicknames weren't the only thing that had Alex and Richie LOL'ing on the radio this morning: the pair were all too happy to joke about Richie's love the other girls in the Bachelor mansion.


"You were like....let's kiss everyone," said Fitzy.

"Not everyone, Fitz!" Richie argued, but Alex chimed in with her thoughts on the smooching situation.

Alex had to watch Richie kiss woman...after woman. Image via Channel Ten.

"You were close babe...I think you [kissed] six, darls!" she laughed.

"He gave it a solid nudge!"