The Bachelor's Alex shares details about Richie's relationship with her son, Elijah.

With mere hours to go until the winner of The Bachelor is announced, we’re having a hard time dodging all the conspiracy theories, slip-ups and over-analysis that supposedly point to which girl – Nikki or Alex – will make the final cut.


But there’s another man that we’re dying to know more about…and no, sorry, it’s not Richie.

It’s 24-year-old single mum’s son, Elijah, who has been (smartly) kept off our screens, making him more mysterious than the recently eliminated Olena.

Alex reveals how her son really feels about Richie. Image via Channel 10.

Ahead of the big finale, Alex revealed to Mamamia that her five-year-old is very much aware of how the show works, having watched a few episodes with his mum by his side.

But that's made for a few awkward conversations - especially when the result is still classified information.

Last year's runner-up Lana tells all on the latest episode of Bach Chat. Post continues... 

"Five-year-olds are smarter than you think. He has asked me, 'Mummy, are you Richie's girlfriend?' and whether I love Richie and questions like that," she said.

"He's seen me on dates with him [on the show] but he doesn't seen me kiss me, and he's never seen any of the other girls do anything."

Alex revealed that she'd only told Elijah the outcome of the competition a few days ago - and yes, that means that even if Alex is the winner, the two are yet to meet.

Alex and Nikki are the final two in the competition for Richie's heart. Image via Channel 10.

"I don't think there is any reason to rush into something like that. Even though the show has finished and ended, that relationship would only be starting out in the 'real world'.

"There's definitely no rush to introduce them. It's about us being together and laying those foundations first," she said.

Whether they end up meeting or not, Alex said Elijah thinks that Richie is "the bee's knees" and just "so bloody cool".

"He is watching Richie fly helicopters and all that stuff, and he's asking, 'Do you reckon Richie might want to do that with me?"

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