Alex Perry got the ultimate revenge on an Australia's Next Top Model contestant.

As far as Australia’s Next Top Model episodes go, Tuesday night’s – which decided the final four – was EPIC.

There were problems on the challenge, and then with Aleyna, and THEN with her “too big” shoes on the shoot, but none of that was what sent social media into a tizzy.

It seems Kassidy’s decision to fire off an insult about one of the three judges – Alex Perry – two weeks ago, has caught up to her. And you guys, it’s baaaaaaaaad.

Remember this? (Image: Fox8/Australia's Next Top Model)

If you need a refresher, when the designer labeled Kassidy's Episode Six photo "catalogue", she was not impressed. So much so that in her post-judgement interview she pursed her lips at the camera and mocked "at least my lips are real".

I know - I KNOW - she's a TV ratings dreamboat.

Anyway, my guess is that one of the producers slipped the collagen-laden slight to Perry, who was ready to wreak almighty revenge last night.

While Megan Gale and Jennifer Hawkins gave Kassidy's "theatrical fashion" shot an 8/10 each, Perry said, "I don't think it hits the brief", awarding only a 6.5/10.

Left: Kassidy's photo. Right: Daisy's photo. (Images: Fox8/Australia's Next Top Model)

Kassidy as a result found herself at the bottom of the leader board with only Daisy's photo left to score.


While Megan and Jennifer both found her competitor's snap to be mediocre - each awarding it a 7.5/10 - Kassidy's future in the competition was now resting solely on the judge she personally slandered.


... Which isn't exactly ideal considering a score of nine would send her out of the competition by a measly margin of 0.5 points.

Alex smirked at Daisy and announced simply: "I love this photo, it makes me happy, and I'm giving you a 9/10".

Oh deary me. (Image: Fox8/Australia's Next Top Model)


While he may well have thought Daisy's photo was superior to Kassidy's, viewers on Facebook are far from impressed.

"Alex should not be a judge. He plays favourites. That photo was not worth a nine," one commenter, Jude, said.

Another: "Kassidy is model material and shouldn't have been eliminated due to unfair bias [sic] judging."

While others agreed with the scoring, and said Kassidy's attitude was not fit for the competition, there's no doubt some fans are very, very angry.

Where do you stand? Let us know in the comments below.

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