The Bachelor's Alex invited fans to "ask her questions" and her most surprising answer was about Nikki.

Alex Nation has revealed she was disappointed by the “negativity” she faced from Bachelor fans when Richie Strahan chose her over Nikki Gogan.

The 25-year-old gave her Instagram followers an opportunity to ask their questions in the comments of a post she put up on Sunday that read: Ask Alex.

One fan asked is she found it hard receiving hate after the Bachelor finale, accusing the show’s producers of editing the series to make it seem “as if Nikki was the leading lady”.

The mum-of-one replied that while she understood people had become “invested” in the show and its cast, she couldn’t relate to viewers wanting to bring down someone else’s “happiness”.

“It was disappointing to see so much negativity as I myself couldn’t imagine ever being like that to another person, especially someone who I do not know,” Alex wrote.

“People become very invested with the show and I understand that viewers felt Nikki’s heartbreak and empathised with her.”

“Half of Australia was heart broken also! And that’s ok. However, it’s much nice to be happy for others if they are happy rather than putting negativity on that happiness.”

Alex said that what she didn’t struggle with, however, was watching the series on TV and seeing Richie kiss other women.


“I watched The Bachelor from start to finish,” she said.

“Honestly, I didn’t really struggle with it as I lived it every single day for three months.

“I knew what to expect. I had a full understand that Richie had to go on individual journeys with each girl to discover who was the one for him. I’m just so thankful it led him to me.”

Alex also replied to a question about the struggles of being a young mother, saying there was a “stigma” surrounding it that she “strongly believed” should be lifted.

@richie_strahan you aren’t the only cutie that can hand out a rose ????

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“Being a mother whether you are 18, 28 or 38 is a big job and it is the most challenging yet rewarding thing you will ever do,” she said.

“As a parent you often wonder “am I doing this whole parenting thing right” but at the end of the day, if your child is loved and nurtured you are doing pretty bloody well!”

Alex added, in response to questions about whether she and Richie were planning on having kids, that she “definitely” wants more children, but “not anytime soon”.

“Richie and I have much to do first!! We also want to enjoy our time with Elijah as well for now.”