The Bachelor's Alex on what it was really like doing media interviews with Nikki all day yesterday.

Imagine this: you’re the final two girls on The Bachelor and you are mere hours away from announcing which of you has won Richie’s heart…and which of you was sent home from Bali on a Jetstar flight alone.


But first, you have to get through a whole day of media appearances and interviews. Together. Knowing one of you is happy and in love, and the other is about to sob in a limo on national television.

Doing press with the guy who stole your boyfriend? THE WORST. Image via Channel 10.

It's bound to be awkward, no? Well, according to Alex (aka WINNER WINNER, CHICKEN DINNER), that wasn't the case.

"We had only seen each other for the first time [since filming finished] yesterday and it was all hugs and tears and laughter," Alex told NOVA's Fitzy and Wippa this morning.

The final episode of Bach Chat is here. And we have a lot of feelings. Post continues... 

"We actually had a moment, in the lift here yesterday. We fist-bumped each other and we said, 'You know, we've got this!'".


"And then you said, sucked in, I've got this, right?" joked Fitzy.

Nikki did confirm to us that her and Alex were very close, and that doing media together was not an awkward experience. (Unlike last year's final two, Snez and Lana, who apparently had a bit of bad blood).

Who will the winner be??? @thebachelorau finale airs tonight at 7:30!!!!!

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"There is this unique bond that we have. We will just have this bond that no one else could possibly understand," she told Mamamia.

"This [experience] will forever hold us together. I love her to bits, and no matter what, I want her to be happy and she would say the same for me."

Snagging yourself a Bachie AND a best friend? Alex truly has it all.