Alex Nation shares a classy response to the claims she's been "neglecting" her son.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Alex Nation had signed up to some sort of awful reality parenting program, given the intense scrutiny the single mum from Melbourne has been forced to endure over the past week.

Since Richie Strahan declared his heart belonged to the 25-year-old on The Bachelor finale last Thursday, she’s been repeatedly targeted by “fans” claiming she’s neglecting her five-year-old son Elijah.

The aspiring model had no time for the naysayers as she left a Melbourne restaurant with her new beau on her arm on Saturday night.

“My little boy is everything to me,” she told a videographer from the Daily Mail who asked if she was hurt by the comments.

“I know who I am and I know what kind of mother I am,” she added.

She was also asked what she thought of people labelling her ex-husband’s new partner, Ashy Smith, Elijah’s “stepmother”.

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“Ash is a great girl,” she said. “It’s disappointing that there’s stuff out there like that.”

She said she was more than happy for Smith to be in her son’s life  as long as she was a “good role model”.

Richie has yet to be introduced to Elijah although the new couple have spoken at length about the little boy both on and, assumedley, off camera.

“There’s definitely no rush to introduce them. It’s about us being together and laying those foundations first,” she said.

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