The girlfriend of Alex Nation's ex-husband just got very candid about her parenting skills.

Alex Nation left her son to pursue love with Richie Strahan on The Bachelor.

And, spoiler: it worked.

She also kept her five-year-old, Elijah, off our TV screens, and last week revealed that she had yet to introduce the two most important men in her life to each other.

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But as open and honest as the 24-year-old has been about her life as a single mum, that hasn’t stopped the public, and even those closest to Alex, from criticising her skills as a parent.

Now, the new girlfriend of Alex’s ex-husband, Ashy Smith, wants her followers to know that she is not trying to replace Alex as Elijah’s mum.

Responding to comments on Instagram that she was a “better mum” to the five-year-old than the Bachelor winner, Ashy said she would never want to be seen as “treading on toes”.


“Elijah already has a mum that loves him and he loves her!” she wrote.

“My main priority is to love and protect him, and to give him another positive role model in his life.

“I just want to provide a safe haven and bubble where he’s living a normal life doing fun kids things with not a concern in the world and is completely unaware of what else is going on!”

She described Elijah as a “lovely affection child” that makes her “so happy”.

“I am just trying to do the best that I can and have lots of fun in the meantime,” she said.

Ashy went on to admit that she hadn’t grown up in a conventional family scenario, so she knows “Elijah is the most important thing to us all in this situation”.

Just two weeks ago, Alex described Ashy as “a great girl” and a “good role model” for her young son.

“My little boy is everything to me. I know who I am and I know what kind of mother I am.”