Meet Joel: Alex Nation's ex-husband and doting dad to their five-year-old son.

If you haven’t seen the son of Alex Nation, the woman who has Richie’s heart, then your life is poorer for it.

Elijah is Alex’s five-year-old son, and in my honest opinion, he gives Sonny Blake a run for his money on the cutest kid in the world.

Just. Watch.

I’m not going to lie – I have spent a considerable portion of my morning just looking at photos of him.

Alex and Elijah have a very close relationship, with Alex often writing that Lijey is her “best friend” and love of her life.

But, the five-year-old also has a very strong bond with his father, Joel Porter.

You have to look at more photos of little Lijey. Images via Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

Porter’s bio on Instagram writes, “All about my little one Elijah. @ Audi to earn a living. Working hard to fight off dad bod! Basically just trying to win!”

The two do plenty together, from going out together to the petting zoo, ice skating, and going to the AFL.

Porter recently posted this adorable shot with his son:



Like Alex, the father is based in Melbourne and so people are already asking questions about whether Richie will relocate from Perth.

Appearing on The Project, co-host Waleed Aly questioned the new couple on their future plans.

“Alex, you’re in Melbourne and Richie is in Perth, how the hell is this going to work?”, Aly asked.

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“You know, we’re not in any rush, we’re just excited to start this new chapter together. Obviously there is the barrier there, but we now have an amazing home base in Perth and an amazing home base in Melbourne as well,” said Alex.

“Obviously I have a little boy and his dad is in Melbourne so it’s definitely something Rich and I and Elijah’s dad will have to discuss but at the moment we’re just enjoying each other and the start of this amazing chapter together.”

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