Zoe and Alex from 'Married at First Sight'; 2016 plans include a wedding and babies.

The one couple from Australia’s first season of Married at First Sightthat actually lasted, Alex Garner, 29 and Zoe Hendrix, 25 have said they’re ready to get married (for real), have babies and adopt.

“I want to propose in the most spectacular style,” Alex, told TV Week. “I’m sure it’s going to come soon.”

It sounds like 2016 will be the couple’s year to officially begin the next chapter in their life. They spoke about beginning a family together.

Alex and Zoe are ready to take the next step. Image via Instagram.

“I’d like to have three or four kids,” ?Zoe told the TV publication.

The Marketing Executive said she would also like to adopt a child because she, herself, was adopted.

“Maybe even someone who’s from ?a different culture to us – that might be an idea," she told TV Week.

Alex revealed that the couple had high expectation about 2016, with their plans including 'kids and a marriage'. He's thinking something less flashy and camera fronting for their next wedding day, saying that he'd be happy with a big barbecue.

Alex doesn't want another really fancy do. Image via Instagram.

All the couples had to give their rings back after Married at First Sight finished filming, so Garner will be saving for new bling to propose with. He wants the proposal to 'make a splash'.


Zoe suffered a miscarriage earlier this year. The couple shared their heartbraking story on A Current Affair

“I was so happy I couldn’t wait to share it with the rest of Australia. But, unfortunately, Zoe had a miscarriage and so it didn’t work out the way we were planning," Alex said.

They auditioned to be on The Block too. Here's their audition tape. (Post continues after the video)...

Video via Zoe Hendrix

The young couple admit that this year was tough, but are hopeful that next year will bring them much happiness.

Good luck to them.

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