"How the hell is this going to work?" Alex and Richie grilled by Waleed Aly on The Project.

Now Australia has finally accepted that it’s Richie and Alex who are meant to be, there’s just one question on everyone lips for the latest The Bachelor couple – what happens now?

And last night on The Project, Waleed Aly was determined to find out.

“Alex, you’re in Melbourne and Richie is in Perth, how the hell is this going to work?” he grilled the pair.

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"You know, we're not in any rush, we're just excited to start this new chapter together. Obviously there is the barrier there, but we now have an amazing home base in Perth and an amazing home base in Melbourne as well," said Alex.

"Obviously I have a little boy and his dad is in Melbourne so it's definitely something Rich and I and Elijah's dad will have to discuss but at the moment we're just enjoying each other and the start of this amazing chapter together."

Aly was quick to read between the lines.

"You're moving to Melbourne buddy," he joked. "That's exactly what I heard too," added Richie laughing.

Strahan told the panel he was still yet to meet Nation's five year old son Elijah.


Since Richie chose 24 year old Nation over fan favourite Nikki Gogan on The Bachelor finale on Thursday night, the couple have faced strong backlash from viewers.

"I'm really unsure [why]. You know, I've gone down this pathway twice now in the hope of falling in love and meeting a remarkable woman and now that I've done that, and I've met Alex and followed my heart, people are a little bit upset and saying things like 'You've made the wrong decision'," he said.


"I only had one decision to make and that was Alex so it's hard to understand."

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He was also quizzed about whether Nikki ever actually had a chance, with many viewers adamant she was going to win.

"When you go on a show and you date 25 women, for my own sanity I tried to take each relationship and really respect that and give it every opportunity to blossom with that person," he said.

"You know people do get invested in what you're looking at on TV and Nikki and I certainly built a really special relationship but the truth is my heart belongs to Alex so that played out on TV."

the bachelor's nikki

Us, after hearing this earth shattering news. Image via Channel 10.

Guest host Jamila Rizvi also took the opportunity to clear up one final mystery - to find out what Strahan had against brunettes.

"Can I just point out that I think Alex is like a secret brunette... I've got nothing against brunettes and I watched those Vine videos as well and it was hilarious. 'Like if you were a brunette on that show, you had it coming! It was just a matter of time'," he joked.

"But no, honestly if you went over to my house there's no like shrine of brunettes with knives or anything like that, there's nothing dodgy."

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