The backlash on Richie and Alex's latest selfie proves we're still a nation divided.

Their love has been out in the open for less than a week, but reality television’s latest fairytale couple Alex Nation and Richie Strahan (we’re still deciding between ‘Alchie’ and ‘Richex’ as a coule name) have wasted no time in letting the world know just how truly, madly and deeply in love with one another they are through a series of Instagram posts.

The latest, as you can imagine, is as “aww”-inducing as it is sliiiightly nauseating.

Posting a black and white image of himself cuddling up with his 24-year-old lady love, who is planting a kiss on his cheek, WA’s Strahan captioned the image, “Moments like this”.

CUTE. Or so you’d think.


Within moments of posting the image, countless negative – and some just plain disgusting – comments about Strahan choosing Nation over WA runner-up Nikki Gogan began to surface, proving the country is still well and truly divided over his decision.

One commenter referred to Strahan as “AUSTRALIAS [sic] BIGGEST DUMBARSE” before labelling him as “dopey” and Nation “the slut”. Wow.

The commenter then went on to add that Nation was the only contestant who had been “married & had a child” before going on the show (something we’re pretty sure Richie is aware of and completely OK with) , and claimed the Melbourne mum-of-one had “slutted her way through the entire Bachelor 2016”.

Alex and Richie's relationship is facing some serious hate. Source: Instagram.

Jumping to Strahan's defence was his former The Bachelorette co-star, Davey Lloyd, who told the commenter to "stop worrying about there [sic] life and concentrate on your own."

More measured responses followed, with another commenter saying, "Very strange some of the comments on here, I'm not sure how people can comment/judge when they 1. Do not know Alex or Richie (personally) 2. Have they walked a day in their shoes 3. How does it affect their lives ... I say let them be happy and in love, you can never "feel" someone else's "feelings".


The most fitting, though, came from one person who wrote, "you guys are the cutest. So glad you chose Alex. Ignore the small minded internet trolls".

Thankfully, there are also some supporters. Source: Instagram.

The image comes just days after Strahan posted his first image of the two as a couple, with Nation wrapping her arms around him.

"I found her, my love, my co-pilot, my partner in crime, my everything. I followed my heart and I've never been this happy," Strahan wrote alongside the image. "Alex to me you're perfect, you're everything I could of ever wished for. You make me the happiest guy in world, I love you.

"Thank you to my family, friends and everyone that supported us. This has been a wild ride and we are looking forward to sharing our adventures to come." 

Welcome to the Alex and Richie Instagram cute show. Source: Instagram

It's only natural that fans of The Bachelor would have a favourite. And while it's fine for people to feel sad or disappointed that Strahan didn't pick Nikki, attacking Alex with such vitriolic hate is taking things way too far.

And we can't imagine the ray of sunshine and positivity that is Nikki would be OK with it at all.