Hamish and Andy put Alex and Richie to the "ultimate compatibility test".

With a sneaky three months together already under their belt, radio hosts Hamish & Andy decided to put Australia’s newest golden couple Richie and Alex to the true relationship test – knowing your partner’s takeaway food preferences.

Appearing on the pair’s drive time radio show on Friday, Richie was asked to nominate two of his favourite mains and one side dish that he’d be most likely to order from his local Thai restaurant and hand the answers over to Hamish.

Alex was then asked to nominate what she thought they would be, with the answers being compared on air.

“What did you think Rich would like for dinner?” Andy asked Alex, before adding, “start with one of your mains.”

“Okay,” the Melbourne mum-of-one began. “I chose a chicken stirfry with satay sauce.”

Which was, as you’d hope from the winner of his heart, correct.

The next guess was another main, with Alex circling a Massaman curry.

“She’s… she’s got it!” Hamish cried out with a cheer.

“Now if you get the side right, you guys are truly compatible and you will live forever after in loving harmony,” Andy continued.

Incredibly, Alex managed to get that correct too – which was the classic accompaniment of steamed jasmine rice.

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With three out of three Thai takeaway items left, there was only one thing left for Hamish and Andy to say to the couple.

“You’re getting married! Oh my god! You’re getting married!” Hamish screamed as Alex and Richie high-fived and cheered.

See! Their love really is true, you guys.