This $99 plush velvet chair plus six other items for your house coming soon to ALDI.



Heads up: you’re going to want to take next Wednesday off.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, just make sure you’re free on Wednesday September 5 because ALDI’s new Style Your Room Special Buys day is coming and it’s really, really good.

The retailer is bringing three high-quality, contemporary homewares collections to the centre aisle of Australian stores next week.

Only thing is, the Special Buys sales format means you’ll need to be waiting out the front of an ALDI store early and ready with both elbows out so you can nab the piece you want before stocks run out.

The range includes everything one needs to style a home, from soft towels, monochrome throws and cushions to bed sheets, rugs and high-end tall boys.

You can expect the most coveted item in store to be the very luxe Diana Velvet Slipper Chair, with the Axis Accent Chair coming a close second.


Enough chat, here’s what we’ll be gently pushing people aside for in the upcoming ALDI sale:

Diana Velvet Slipper Chair in Sea Moss and Periscope, $99.99.

Diana Velvet Slipper Chair
Image: ALDI.
Diana Velvet Slipper Chair
Image: ALDI.

Rococo Bed Side Table, $49.99.

Rococo Bed Side Table,
Image: ALDI.

Monochroma Periscope Four-piece Towel Set, $29.99.

Monochroma Periscope Four-piece Towel Set
Image: ALDI.

Fringe Jute Mat, 24.99.

Fringe Jute Mat
Image: ALDI.

Clipper Chest of Five Drawers, $149.

Clipper Chest of Five Drawers
Image: ALDI.

Axis Accent Chair, $99.99.

Axis Accent Chair
Image: ALDI.

Catalyst Tall Boy, $149.

Catalyst Tall Boy
Image: ALDI.

You can pick out your own favourite pieces from the upcoming ALDI Style Your Room Special Buys before they go on sale on Wednesday September 5. 

Would you line up for these budget homewares? Tell us in the comments!