Aldi's annual snow gear sale brings out the worst in bargain hunting customers. So brutal.

Australians are well known for their love of a bargain, so much so they’re willing to line up for hours in an Aldi car park and fight each other tooth and nail for affordable snow gear, even in Queensland.

Thousands of people descended on the German supermarket chain on Saturday morning for the launch of their annual snow gear sale, where you’re almost as likely to end up with a black eye as you are with a new set of snow boots, at least, that’s what the reports say.

On social media shoppers from across the country described chaotic scenes from the front line.

“It was like a bomb had hit the store,” one man posted on Facebook.

“Ski pants and jackets all over the floor. People pushing and yelling at each other. Trying on ski gear in the shop. Nightmare.”

Honestly, it really does sound a lot like being caught in a blizzard, except instead of snow you’re being blinded by jackets, goggles, gloves and face masks and you’re not just fighting the elements, you’re also throwing down against middle-aged women on a mission to save a few bucks – and we all know how ruthless the can be.

Look, you can’t argue with the appeal of winter warmers starting at just $4.49, but is a $60 ski jacket, really worth losing an arm over?

Obviously, yes. The trick is just to be prepared, apparently.

In fact, Aldi publishes a whole list of tips for on their website, advising  shoppers to plan ahead, read the catalogue and come armed with a check list.

The advise from attendees, however is a little more gung ho…

“If you’ve never been to an Aldi snow sale then all I will say is it is a sight to behold and you better wear a mouthguard,” one customer advises on OzBargain.

“It can get pretty crazy and [it’s] not unusual to be four people deep and [have] middle-aged women throwing elbows and punches over a pair of ski pants!”


A customer posted a photo of the sale with the caption, "Well that was a sh*tfight." Source: Reddit

An employee who had this misfortune of working on Saturday morning described it as a "total nightmare" on Reddit.

He said his store had had to hire extra security for the day because so many fights broke out the year before.

Indeed, one customer described a fight she'd once witnessed as "a sight to behold":

"Two ladies were going at it scratching, biting and pulling, then their husbands/partners starting belting each other up."

The thing is, at the end of the day, there were more than a few satisfied customers out there.

Feature image: Twitter/Facebook