Prepare your bank accounts: ALDI is having a huge bulk-buy sale.


Empty out your pantries and prepare your bank accounts, because budget supermarket ALDI have announced they are having a huge bulk-buy sale.

ALDI confirmed on their website that the sale will begin tomorrow, Wednesday April 24, and include a number of items ranging from biscuits to women’s fitness apparel.

Specials will include a kilogram of Australian honey for $8.99 and a family value pack of Tim Tams for $3.49. What. A. Bargain. Plus, a huge 24 pack of Carman’s muesli bars will also be on sale for $14.99.

And for the more those with more savoury tastebuds, foods like sun dried tomatoes, artichokes and olives will be on bulk sale as well.

Fitness enthusiasts will be pleased with the the workout apparel available, with specials including joggers for $19.99. You can also purchase socks, an clothing item which feels like you can just never have enough of, for $5.99.

aldi bulk sale
Image via Getty.

Oh. And did I mention they will also have heaters for sale, just in time for the colder months?

Yep, you can purchase an oscillating ceramic fan heater for $29.99 so that you no longer have to layer three jumpers on top of each other.

Since the supermarket announced their plans for the huge special, fans have been expressing their excitement online, with one person writing, "It’s about time Costco got some competition".

So for anyone who is keen for this huge sale, get in quick, because it looks like there is a lot of us!

The sale will begin on the ALDI website from tomorrow, Wednesday April 24, and will be available while stocks last.