The five best bargains at the ALDI Baby Buy event tomorrow.


Every so often, ALDI has a sale that blows our mind – and tomorrow, it’s happening again.

If you have a baby – or even if you just like babies – you’re probably going to want to take a look at ALDI tomorrow, because this stuff is REALLY CHEAP. 

It pays to be prepared, so we’ve rounded up the top five deals for tomorrow’s Baby Buy sale.

1. Bonds Wondersuits, $11.99 

These bad boys retail for $24.95, so that’s an excellent deal. I have it on good authority that Bonds Wondersuits are the easiest and hippest baby outfits around, so stock up.

Image via ALDI.

2. Leather First Walkers$14.95

These are ALDI-brand, so the prices aren't comparable, but you can get a pair of leather first walkers from David Jones for $119.95, so you know you're saving money.

3. Compact stroller, $69.99

Strollers are expensive. And by "expensive", I mean "buying one requires taking out a second mortgage". But not this one.

4. Baby highchair, $29.99 

You could buy a fancy high chair for a hundred bucks, but considering your baby is just going to spill food on it anyway, we're leaning towards this one.

ALDI nappies on sale tomorrow. Images via Aldi.

5. Nappies, "cheap as chips". 

A Mamamia mother described the range of nappies sale tomorrow as "cheap as chips", and from as little as 16c per nappy, that seems pretty accurate.

Even better: some mothers say ALDI-brand nappies are actually better than other name brands, because they're easier to tighten.

Now, you can plan your purchases meticulously so you don't waste a cent.

Or you can just go crazy.

We won't tell anyone.

You can see the full range of Aldi Sale items here.

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Video via The Beebo