Which alcohol gives you the worst hangover?

It turns out that it might not be the amount you drink on a Friday night that’s leaving you worse for wear, but rather your beverage of choice.

Sure, we all know that consuming large amounts of any one kind of alcohol is going to leave you hugging the porcelain bowl for most of the weekend, but you may also want to rethink what you choose to drink on a night out if you want to avoid the pounding head the next morning.

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1. White wine, red wine, champagne

While all alcoholic products contain ethanol, it’s also the additives in our beverages which contribute to the hungover feeling we get the next day. For example, beverages like white wine, champagne and red wine are more likely to leave you feeling crummy largely due to their sulphites, methanol (in red wine) and in champagne’s case, bubbly content. The idea being that preservatives found in these drinks are harder for the body to break down and process, therefore leaving your liver working overtime for a lot longer.

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2. Vodka

If vodka is your drink of choice, we’ve got good and bad news for you. A study conducted by the British Medical Association has found that despite the high percentage of alcohol found in vodka (around 40 per cent) vodka itself is actually fairly low risk when it comes to hangovers.

Because of the purity of the substance, it doesn’t need additives like wine and champagne and is therefore easier for the body to process. However, because a lot of people choose to mix their vodka with other drinks such as cola, lemonade or juice, the body is left to not only process the alcohol in the vodka, but the preservatives and sugars found in the mixers too. Vodka, lime and soda is therefore the best option if you’re concerned about the next day. (Post continues after gallery.)


3. Beer

Not only is beer a heavier drink (meaning that people tend to consume it a lot slower than other sweeter drinks) but it has a far lower alcohol content and contains yeast and cereals which slow down alcohol consumption in the body and allow the liver to process smaller amounts.

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4. Brandy

If you happen to enjoy the odd Brandy (who doesn’t) you may want to be careful because it contains not only the highest concentration of alcohol (around 40 per cent) but also ingredients that are exceptionally hard for the body to process. The older the brandy, the more potent these ingredients become, making aged Brandy one of the worst drinks for hangover sufferers.

If you do happen to overdo the alcohol this weekend, here’s some foods which might make you feel better the next day (they also happen to be secretly good for you). (Post continues after gallery.)

If you are planning to enjoy a few drinks and don’t want to wake up feeling dehydrated and with a pounding headache, (believe us, it’s possible!) make sure you drink one glass of water for every alcoholic drink. Biorevive’s Hydrating Capsules ($13.95) also work wonders at lessening that horrible morning-after feeling.

What’s your drink of choice on a night out?