Incredible letter from Albert Einstein to Marie Curie in 1911.



You know who was a smart guy? Albert Einstein.

And you know what Albert Einstein had to say about haters? ‘Hogwash.’

Damn straight, Albert.

Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. Foxes.


Marie Curie was a scientist who discovered radium and polonium, was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize, and the first person to win the Nobel Prize TWICE(!!!) and paved the way for other scientists to follow. But because she was a woman, she got a lot of shade thrown at her.

She lost a position at the French Academy of Sciences, supposedly because she was a woman. She was also criticised for moving on from her dead husband with fellow scientist Paul Langevin, who was estranged from his wife.

But you know who was all for her success, in science and in relationships? Albert. Good ol’ Albert.

He was “enraged” by the public’s negative view of her, and was all for her and Langevin being “personages”.

This letter, which has recently been published by Princeton University, is one the greatest things we’ve ever read.

Except that last bit. We need Einstein to explain that bit.

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