Alanis Morissette is about to become your new favourite Agony Aunt.

Everything’s gonna be fine fine fine …

As if Queen of ’90s alt, a little bit angry, rock, Alanis Morissette, isn’t already busy enough after having ~blessed~ us with an updated version of her song, Ironic, she has added ‘advice guru’ to her list of talents.

Starting next week, the 41-year-old singer will be answering The Guardian reader’s moral tribulations and romantic woes as their resident Agony Aunt.

Speaking with The Guardian, Morissette said she realised early on that she needed an outlet other than music to get her point across.

“I was made fun of on the cover of magazines,” she said. “‘A lot of people would write, ‘Oh, Alanis and her psychobabble’.”

“I was getting bored with just one form. Songs are my favourite, let’s be honest. But there’s a limitation: it’s just three or four minutes. In a podcast, or in a column, there’s an intimacy and vulnerability on my part and the questioner’s part. We’re going for it, and there’s no hiding.”

Much alt. Very Rock. Image: Twitter.

Two decades after Morissette was catapulted to super stardom with her hit 'You Oughta Know' in 1995, the daughter of two teachers says she was 'born to play' the agony aunt role.

“It’s been the role I’ve played my whole life – family therapist,” she said. “Parents, brothers, even extended family members, that was the role I took on, because I suppose I had this combination of intuition and empathy. I cut my teeth, basically, listening for a living.”


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Alanis Morissette’s new advice column, which will replace '80s teen queen Molly Ringwald's column, begins on 16 January. Why not flick her an email at [email protected].

Just, please try to refrain from starting with 'I'm brave, but I'm chickenshit.'